Some musings about the evolution of technology

I remember reading an article about wireless charging when I was in class 9 or so. It described how a professor from MIT ( most probably) got very frustrated when he had to get up in the middle of the night to set his phone down for charging. He came up with an idea of wireless charging with the help of Magnetic Resonance of some kind. It even said that they achieved positive laboratory results, though it was still very much in its infancy.
This article sparked my interest as a boy. I didn’t have a mobile phone of my own much less a laptop but somehow the concept seemed pretty nice to me.
Recently I read on the internet about some smartphones capable of charging from just kept on some charging pads. Its not strictly the thing I read about but its definitely close, there aren’t any wires at least. Some more advancements into this field were also suggested from two other related stories I came across. One was Intel developing wireless charging technologies in its Ultrabook series notebooks  which would enable them to charge phones by just placing them side by side. The other story was Apple applying for a patent similar to the technology the professor was trying to develop. A wireless charging solution which would charge all gadgets in a room wirelessly.  It came with a side note though, the magnetic resonance used to charge the devices could also wipe off data from our magnetic cards like Credit/Debit cards etc. Hopefully that will be resolved when it is actually implemented.
It made me realize that how fast technology is really evolving. I know its kind of rhetoric but seeing such an example  brings it into perspective.
I  being a bit of a geek myself  is always interested in stuff like this and people like me can understand my excitement. I am not in the future telling business but maybe after 3 years, 5 years or 10 years, wireless charging will be as commonplace as Wifi connectivity is in devices today (Phones, Laptops, Tablets).
Something worth waiting for I think, now that the world hasn’t ended .:)

5 thoughts on “Some musings about the evolution of technology

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  2. I’ve got an HP Touchpad that has a “Touchstone” wireless charging dock. Was worth every penny 10x over. For any mobile device that you use everyday, I think wireless charging is an absolutely must-have feature. Plugging / unplugging connectors every day, and sometimes multiple times a day puts a lot of stress on the connector and is a major inconvenience compared to just putting the tablet or cell phone down on a little stand or mat.

  3. I totally agree with you, having a lot of a lot of devices (laptop, phone , tablet in my case) means a lot of wires around for charging which is frankly a big nuisance

  4. You do realize that this is more or less the same technology which is used to power electric toothbrush? It’s obviously tuned/configured differently but it’s not very new..
    I agree with you that power wires are annoying, but remember that this isn’t “green” techno: it waste power.

  5. renoX: Sorry I have never used an electric toothbrush, so no idea about that.
    Maybe it’s not new but implementing it in gadgets we use regularly would be great nonetheless.
    I guess the efficiency would be much less than using wires, but would reduce the complications of wires a lot, much the same as other wireless technologies do

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