My First Post

Today , I don’t know why I felt like I should have a blog where I can write about the interesting things I find or the things I do which might be of interest to other people.About the title of my blog, I am kind of tech savvy and a little geeky kind of guy, and hence what I talk about often tends to bore people who aren’t like that. Guys like me should find some of the things at least mildly interesting, which is good enough for me.

About me, I am Arjun Basu, pursuing ECE in NIT Durgapur with a keen interest in computers and computer related stuff (programming, hardware etc.) .One thing that I have to confess is that my knowledge in my field of study is poor to say the least, not because I don’t understand stuff, just that I am too uninterested to get a deeper understanding of those things.I rather study or know about stuff which I actually like and I am marginally good at like programming and related stuff. Everyone must be wondering why I am studying ECE instead of CSE , many of my friends have the same question too , and its a sad little tale meant for another time.

Anyways I think that’s enough for my first post. So , Goodnight All


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